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Advanced Listening

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Assistive Listening Systems

Since 2012 Advanced Listening Systems has been a leader in the education, consultation and implementation of assistive hearing solutions across Canada.

Utilizing technologies such as Induction Hearing Loops, RF Broadcast and Adaptive SoundField systems, Advanced Listening has contributed to creating accessible listening environments for a wide range of reputable clientele including major transportation and health authorities as well as houses of worship, municipalities and financial and post-secondary institutions.

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RF Systems

RF technology converts the audio source to FM radio waves, before sending it through a transmitter to FM radio receivers. They are most appropriate for large room installations such as Churches, Theatres, and Conference Centres, where privacy is not a concern.


Adaptive SoundField Systems

Adaptive Soundfield Systems are sophisticated audio systems which broadcast audio specifically at speech frequency all while automatically adjusting for optimal performance in noisy environments.


Induction Loops

Induction Loops transmit the audio signal through an antenna wire, requiring only a hearing aid to receive it. It is the ideal system for one-to-one conversations at retail or service counters, and is perfect for both large and small venues where privacy is or is not a concern.


Case Study

BC Ferries

Founded in 1960, BC Ferries is the largest passenger ferry line in North America, and second largest in the world. Transporting over 20 million passengers a year, BC Ferries provides all major passenger and vehicle services for the coastal and island communities of British Columbia.

Assistive Listening Systems

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You can find Assistive Listening Systems in auditoriums, churches, offices and many other locations across Canada.

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