Founded in 1960, BC Ferries is the largest passenger ferry line in North America, and second largest in the world. Transporting over 20 million passengers a year, BC Ferries provides all major passenger and vehicle services for the coastal and island communities of British Columbia. With 35 vessels in their fleet, they provide an essential link from mainland British Columbia to the various islands and areas of the mainland without road access. 

Advanced Listening Systems has been working alongside BC Ferries for the past 6 years. After an inquiry from BC Ferries to find out if an Induction Loop would work inside of a vessel made mostly of steel, Advanced Listening performed several tests for possible placement of the potential Loops and their drivers. Being that steel is a metal that could greatly reduce the signal sent by the Loop, Advanced Listening devised a way to minimize the significant signal loss issues of the steel vessels. 

The pilot project for BC Ferries involved Looping a large seating of the forward lounge for guests to hear the announcements as well as several 1:1 Loops at the cafeteria steam table, cafeteria cashier, and the Chief Steward’s desk. 

In 2019 Advanced Listening completed work onboard the Northern Sea Wolf, the newest Vessel to be acquired by BC Ferries to be refit and used on the beautiful route of Northern Vancouver Island. The route is known for its amazing views of both landscape and animals, as it passes by the renown Great Bear Rainforest. With a vessel so focused on tourism, BC Ferries prioritized upgrading for customer satisfaction, to the extent that every location of the passenger area is Looped. The Northern Sea Wolf now stands as an example of accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing communities in the world of travel and tourism. 

The future’s plans are to move on from the pilot stage and begin full installs on all seating areas, walkways, and locations of exchange. Presently it is mandated that every new and retrofitted Ferry must have the various Induction Loop systems as a line item. As of now, nearly half of the 35-vessel fleet has been upgraded with Induction Loops. 

Below is the current list of BC Ferries Vessels with hearing loop systems installed:

  • Coastal Celebration
  • Coastal Inspiration
  • Coastal Renaissance
  • Northern Seawolf
  • Queen of Alberni
  • Queen of New West
  • Queen of Oak Bay
  • Queen of Surrey
  • Salish Eagle
  • Salish Orca
  • Salish Raven
  • Skeena Queen
  • Spirit of BC