We approached Vancity Credit Union to introduce hearing loop technology as a potential service for their hard of hearing members. They agreed to a 4-branch pilot project to test the technology and to assess the benefits it may have. It wasn’t until we were installing the last of the 4 pilot systems when we realised just how essential these systems were and the impact they could have.

It was at this location where we met a Vancity teller who wore hearing aids. We were able to configure the system at his station to provide both him and their members the benefits of the induction loop, creating easier communication for both parties. It was after this profound moment that Vancity decided it was a good idea to install induction loop systems at all their branches.

My experience with Advanced Listening Systems has been nothing short of amazing. The team is not only extremely knowledgeable but very passionate about bringing auditory solutions to our day to day environments. From the beginning discussions in terms of options available, through to the installation and post installation service they have ensured we are satisfied with the products and the process. Thanks to their patience and perseverance we were able to install hardwired and portable induction loop devices at all of our branches, as well as infrared systems at training and meeting rooms across our office towers, and at multiple branches. They are perfectionists at their craft, but this does not hold them back from successfully achieving the often tight turnaround times needed. They are dedicated, reliable, and always willing to help, I would not hesitate recommending ALS. I look forward to working with them during my next project.

Satinder Gill FMP, GGPFacility Planning Officer