“Creating Listening Environments  for the Hard of Hearing”

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International Hearing Loop Conference 2013

Sunday 6th - Monday 7th October 2013

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the Hearing Loops for All Conference!

'A resounding success' - those were the closing words of Hearing Link chairman, Nigel Williams, at the end of the third International Hearing Loop Conference in Eastbourne.

Over the two days, more than 200 delegates from around the world heard 47 different presentations across a wealth of subjects from discovering what hearing loops work and which don't, to a talk on what the future holds for induction loop systems…more

It’s Time to Get Hearing-Aid Users in the Loop


Morbi et Times Colonist Comment July 5, 2013.pdf

Victoria could become one of Canada’s friendliest communities for people with hearing loss by installing a simple, inexpensive technology in public places. Telecoil hearing-loop systems dramatically increase accessibility for the hard-of-hearingmore

 Janis Ringuette July 5, 2013

Morbi et

Three years ago Richard Einhorn, an orchestra composer who reveled in the symphony and Broadway performances, went deaf – overnight.

"It was horrifying," said Einhorn, 61, who lives in New York City and had sensory neural hearing loss caused by a virus…more

Hearing Loops Give Music Back to Composer

 Who Went Deaf in a Day

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (Vancity) was awarded the “2013 Access and Inclusion Award” November 21st by the City of Vancouver. Vancity was honoured with this award for installing “assistive listening devices” for the hard of hearing community, including induction loop systems at the teller wickets in all 56 branches. Mayor Gregor Robertson stated, “Vancity continuously and consistently demonstrates their leadership and commitment to eliminating accessibility and inclusion barriers through their business, hiring and community minded practices. more

Congratulations Vancity Credit Union

 Recognized for their inclusion of Induction Loop Technology

Thursday, November 21st 2013

Monday, June 16, 2014 10:45 AM

VANCOUVER – Premier Christy Clark has unveiled Accessibility 2024, a 10-year plan that responds to the voices of thousands of British Columbians who took part in a three-month long public consultation on making B.C. the most progressive place in Canada for people with disabilities.

B.C Accessibility Summit 2014